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Ultimate health.

<p><strong>Ultimate</strong> health.</p>

There is a health crisis in America. The U.S. spends almost 20% of GDP on healthcare1 and by 2030, 170M Americans are expected to have a chronic illness2. There’s an urgent need for a solution that helps people better prevent or manage illnesses.

Movano Health was created to make medical-grade data accessible and actionable for everyone. We’re developing solutions that empower people to take ownership of their health by providing trustworthy data and relevant insights around key biometrics.

What makes Movano Health different? We’re a medical device company at our core. We hold ourselves to a higher standard by developing personal technology that qualifies for FDA clearance. We’re developing a proprietary insights engine that leverages medical-grade data with machine learning to recommend strategies for behavior change and help consumers improve health outcomes over time.

Further to our commitment to developing health technology that goes beyond the status quo, we’ve spent more than four years building the smallest ever custom Radio Frequency (RF)-enabled sensor designed for blood pressure and glucose monitoring. Why? Because the standard approach simply cannot deliver the level of accuracy, flexibility of form factor or cost we are aiming to achieve. We are currently conducting clinical trials on cuffless blood pressure and non-invasive glucose monitoring using our proprietary technology and algorithms, and plan to implement the technology in future medical devices.

Movano Health’s first commercial product, the Evie Ring, is now available for $269 and no subscription fee. Shop the Evie Ring exclusively at